Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sneak Peek!

I mentioned a few days ago that I was starting a new project involving my photography. Today I finished the first prototype of what I am making. It turned out pretty well but I have figured out a few things I can do to improve on this piece and make the final version really slick. Anyway... what I am doing is using upcycled, scrap redwood to make little wooden photo blocks with my square format images. I sand down and stain the wood and then mount my image to the wood, finally putting a gloss finish on to seal the image to the block. And the end result looks like this....

I plan to do a whole series of local Mendocino wildflower blocks first. I will sell them individually or in sets of three, four or six. This block you see above is 3.5 inches square and 2 inches deep. The blocks can be set on a table or hung by a nail on the wall. I think they look best hung in groupings on the wall. As I finish new blocks I will post them here for you all to see. If anyone is interested in talking about ordering some just email me at I will eventually be doing blocks with older images from my portfolio as well.... not all will be botanicals. If anyone wants a series of blocks with Rudy's filthy mug on them it will cost ya double.

Billy finished a new piece today that may already be on it's way out the door to it's new home as soon as it has time to dry. It's a really atmospheric California scene sized 16 x 20. I love it...

Of course these images I post here never do the paintings justice. You really have to see them in person especially when they are larger paintings. But I still like to share them here in case anyone likes to see them.

I have been working on trying to get the inside of this Airstream more organized. We have weird little stacks of stuff everywhere and things stashed in all the corners cracks and crevices. Today I bought a little cork board to hang on the wall next to the spot where I sit to work. The fact that I am trying to pretend like a cork board is somehow getting me organized is totally stupid. But humor me. Let me think that it is solving problems. It looks cute. And I adorned it with things like TORNADO! postcards and pictured of the Holy Duo... My Mother and Gram.

The TORNADO! is there to remind me to stay a tornado. They get stuff done and so should I. My Mom and Gram are there to remind me to be a little bit fancy all the time. If I can just be like a fancy tornado on the loose gettin' stuff done and lookin' good I think I am on the right track. Word.

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jani said...

Hey Bethany!I love your photo cubes! Clever idea and nicely done! They would be great on Etsy. I'll buy one!
Happy Anniversary late, 8 years,wow. You guys are so cute together. Rich and I spend almost all our time together too(except when he's at work,)and we've always loved it.(we'll be 19years in july.)
I know you have to be organized in the airstream,'cause now that we have a tiny apartment,there has to be a place for everything.I'm amazed at how you cook in there too. I hardly ever cooked in our trailer. So,good luck with the tornado effect!I was reading an art journal and the woman said that art ideas come as an avalanche! thats another good mental image to make me do my work! take care,xxoo Jani