Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Bloomin' Explosion

So we made it out to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens today and walked the 47 acre gardens in spite of the ceaseless, wild wind that whips our hair and freezes us to the core on a daily basis here on the North Coast. It's like the weather is really bitchy out here ya know? It just keeps needling you and being a real jerk most days. Hopefully it wears itself out soon and takes a freakin' rest. We all could use a day or two of calm.

Anyway... The gardens were pretty great. Not everything is in bloom of course but the rhododendrons did not let us down and their vegetable gardens were super cool to walk through.

Their little garden shed is cute enough to inspire me to sneak out there and become a squatter living in it like a gnome.

Around the edge of the veggie garden area they have a model train set up (outside.) It's a bit confusing to see it at this moment because it seems to be in transition... or just being built perhaps? Hard to say... But there were some funny little characters set up throughout the scene and I shot some odd images of them as we passed by.

I particularly love this last image above because... What? It's a guy in a Lazy Boy holding a beverage with a cigar in his mouth perched on the front porch of a dilapidated old church in his underwear. He is also clicking a remote at nothing.... at wood chips. It's like a post apocalyptic commercial for The Church of Homer Simpson or perhaps The Church of Crazy.


Momo said...

I dig the church guy and the fact that he has not taken down his Christmas tree yet.

Bethany said...

Why should he? Every day is Christmas when you are crazy.

jani said...

Hey Bethany!Thanks for the posts on my LJ,and for replying, I did know it was you! You have a totally distinctive writing style,it's great, so funny and just You. I'm gonna try to get a little bit more optimistic about stuff, I used to be like that, but maybe some life stuff just wore me down for a while.Maybe if I stop watching the news!:-)

sybil said...

i need a "depends" after reading this post...