Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Agate Cove Beach

I will go ahead and let the photo speak for the day...


Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany!

I found your site via Pete & Tracey's. I'm another UK Airstreamer, and although I'm not full-timing I spend about 3 weeks in every 4 in my trailer.

I love your photography! You have a lovely blog, I look forward to reading about your travels.

Best wishes,

Bethany said...

Greetings Andrew! Thanks for introducing yourself. As I said on Pete and Tracy's blog we are increasingly obsessed with the idea of trying for a European tour at some point in the future... we just met a chap yesterday who was giving us advice on traveling in Switzerland. It seems more and more likely that we will have to start working on a plan... :)

Cheers! And don't be shy! Leave a comment or two so I know who is around as time goes by!