Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ruffian and Leroy

Today we took a drive north past Fort Bragg to a huge beach where it seems there are no set rules against dogs running off lead. It's literally so far in the middle of nowhere that I can't imagine who would ever come by to police such affairs. There were no signs posted... so we let Rudy go for a MUCH needed doggie running session. It has finally calmed down (the wind) for the past two days so it was perfect weather for a good long beach walk.

Rudy quickly made friends with these two characters.... Ruffian and Leroy. Even though they were three times his size they played and rough housed for a good half an hour together.

Here we see the two bigger dogs drinking salt water which I banned Rudy from in the moment. As you can see he is longingly looking on as they ensure certain pukage on their car ride home.

There was a lot of full blown chasing and this is what I love. It always results in one super tired little dog.

Billy and I spent the afternoon searching for agates. They can be found all over the beach. Most are really small but you can find perfectly smooth round pebbles with the most beautiful colors and designs.

On the way home we stopped at The Cowlick in Fort Bragg for ice cream. I crashed for an hour long nap late in the day and Rudy is still strewn out snoring it off (it's 8 p.m. as I write this.) I extend my gratitude to Ruffian and Leroy for taking the heat off of us for ONE night this week! Gracias dudes!