Sunday, April 12, 2009

Playing E. Bunny

Happy Easter everyone... Who else is sick on chocolate, raise your hand? Yup. I have a belly full of mocha frappe and those chocolate caramel cracker cookies I posted about a day or so ago. Totally, totally gross. This is pretty much what Easter boils down to for a heathen like me... eating sugar. Oh! And hiding Easter Eggs out on The Headlands for random strangers to find! Fun!

Billy, Rudy and I made a day of wandering around finding cute spots to tuck our colored eggs in around the trails out in Mendocino. We made sure to put them at trails edge so the peeps walking around would be sure to see them. There were tons of tourists and people with kids out there today so I hope we made a few people smile when they found an egg hiding amoung the flowers. I snapped photos of every egg we hid.... they looked so cute!

We hid 18 eggs total. Anything that does not get found this afternoon will be eaten by sea gulls or mice tonight I am sure...

It was a gorgeous day here. We are really loving this time of the year with all the flowers in bloom. I can hardly imagine the landscape without them... but locals keep saying by July it will be dry as a bone and brown. We shall see.... until then I am trying to get out and soak up the color every single day.

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