Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Can't Hang

The world is a frustrating, confusing place for me to negotiate my way through at this point people. First it was the broken pointer which led this month's 4.2 million dollar Verizon cell phone bill... and now... NOW it's the fact that we ordered a platform futon bed for our new place in Santa Fe via a store on eBay and they have shipped the frame of the bed to Texas and the futon mattress to New Mexico. Brilliant. Because WHY would we want both in one state? Yes, most people nowadays keep their bed frame and mattress 700 miles away from one another. It's a new minimalistic and avante garde way to approach bed room furniture. So... it would seem that we will arrive bedraggled and tired to our new place on this coming Wednesday to be welcomed by a cozy wooden bed frame and no mattress. Thank you Northern Naturals of New Hampshire for that inspiring situation. The trailer will have been winterized at that point for storage which rules out staying an extra night or two in it. Plus it is too freakin' cold in Santa Fe right now to sleep in this tin can anyway. 2 degrees at night? I will not do it.

I called Northern Naturals on my cell phone to deliver the news of their brilliance to them this afternoon (on my CELL PHONE which is OVER BY MILLIONS ON IT'S MINUTES ALREADY) and the woman sounded astounded when I explained to her that I wanted both pieces of the bed sent to the same address. INDEED! So anyway, they claim that they will try to get in touch with UPS and have the package rerouted to the correct address. Great... even so, I am pretty sure that it will not arrive in time now for me to actually enjoy sleeping on it the first night. Maybe Rudy will share his crate with us.

Ahhhhhhh, yes. Broken pointers and empty wooden bed frames. It's a pleasure doin' business with you America. Is it just me or is half the population asleep at the wheel? I know I'm not... you have to be alert and on top of your game to let your license lapse for 5 months. There has to be a vitamin or something out on the market that will cure all of this.


Michelle said...

You have a large to-do list...apologize to your dad, mentally block Joaquim experience, get new drivers license, have bed frame and matress in the same state, buy warmer clothes for sub-zero temperatures, eat an apple, figure out a way to pay multi-million dollar cell phone made me appreciate my dull life a little more today! Thanks!

bindhiya said...

Hi Bethany,
It is not only you....there is so sure..
hope you will get your bed and license soon.
take care