Monday, January 14, 2008

Rudolph McLane Professional Photographer

We have been at this park for almost two months now and for Rudy it's his longest time spent in one location. He has developed quite a few favorite spots throughout the park. I decided to do this post from his perspective. Imagine that Rudy was behind the camera and was shooting pics for HIS memory book. Being a dog the images are obviously of his favorite places to pee. What else?

So here you have it... a leisurely stroll through the most beautiful, most pungently aromatic VIP Pee spots in The Guadalupe River RV Resort. Enjoy

Rudy loves risking it all to mark the electrical box despite the warnings! He is such the dare devil.

As humans I am quite sure we can only begin to imagine the heady scents that inhabit THIS favored locale...

This next image is some sausage which is rotting on the ground behind one of the dumpsters. We have had an epic week long battle to keep him away from it on every single walk. He wants that rotten sausage so very badly. Ohhhh, savory and delicious rotten meats!

Upon the approach to Radar's house (his favorite dog friend in the park) he assumes this position.... of searching the yard for his buddy. Since Radar is quite small at only 6 pounds sometimes it takes a few seconds to realize if he is out there or not.

If Radar is NOT outside... crying and whining is the result. Tragic, soul wrenching sadness takes over. Until we are ten feet past the area and he sets to sniffing and squirrel hunting again that is. Or until we come to yet another mandatory pee station. There are certain spots where you have to do your business every time, no matter what. Here is one of them...

And another... behold it's stark yet rustic beauty!

Good times, gooood times. I am sure that other park dwelling dogs will sniff the heady perfume of Rudy for months to come and his legend will live on.... at least for a little while, here in Texas.


Gig said...

Hi Bethany,
Great tour of Rudy's favorite spots:)
You have been tagged, and now you have to share 5 to 8 interesting/weird things about yourself. Have fun with it!
Take care,

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

Love it. What fun. You are a star Bethany. Great photos - weird but good idea.

Bethany said...

Hi y'all... I have been tagged!? I will think of some things to share and post them later today or tonight. I should be able to pull out a few interesting tidbits. Do I have to tag someone else after? Tell me the rules of the tagging road so I can follow them properly. I hope the fact that my license is expired won't get me in trouble here.