Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed.

Yes... the eagle.... otherwise known as Billy, Rudy and I. People frequently refer to us collectively as "The Eagle." Because together we are so majestic. Anyway... we made it to Santa Fe. We traveled the million miles across western Texas and then stayed two nights in Roswell, NM and finally cruised the final stretch to Fanta Say. My only advice is unless you are a buzzard, are drilling for oil or perhaps you are a gila monster avoid West Texas at all costs. Here's why, it's thousands of miles of this sort of business...

And unless you are stuck in 1963 or caves are your favorite vacation venue don't plan a trip to Carlsbad, NM. Roswell is worth it because well... it's silly. When you drive past the Arby's they have a huge part of their sign that reads "Aliens Welcome!" I have heard that space men are especially fond of their beef and cheddar sandwiches. Beside that they have painted alien eyes on all the lamp post lights downtown.

And the windows on Main St. are laden with treasures such as this...

So yeah, it's a goofy and somewhat worthwhile place to visit. The tourist trap shops were a bit of a disappointment for me though. I was prepared to sell a kidney for money to purchase oodles of dumb alien t shirts and doo dads but there just was not anything much worth laying down the dead presidents for IMHO.

We are in our new pad now having emptied out the Airstream (weird) and moved everything in here to our little casita. We still have no furniture (working on it) and I am writing this while sitting in a lawn chair in the middle of the living room. Once we have everything set up and looking somewhat respectable I will post some pics. Oh... I should mention that our mattress was indeed delivered to Kerrville, Texas. I got a call yesterday afternoon from Jimmie at the front desk of the Guadalupe RV Resort flatly announcing "Y'all have a mattress down here." Great. So I called the manufacturer yet again to see if this could be handled. The mattress is supposedly on it's way here to Santa Fe now and will arrive on Monday. I am planning a party for it's arrival. The whole neighborhood is invited over to look at my well traveled and fashionably late mattress.

Rudy has been partying like it's 1999 since we walked in the door here. He actually made himself sick last night. After 7 hours of riding in the truck he went buck ass wild when we came in the house for the night. Within two hours he had induced altitude sickness with his antics and was puking all over the living room (thank you for concrete floors.) He was like a kid at a birthday party though... just because he was puking did not mean he cold not keep the party going. In between the retching he was kicking as all over the house. Good times.

OK, I have to get back to my laundryscaping. I am slowly climbing the mountain of fabric dirtiness that was hauled in here yesterday to our new laundry room. I think I will be able to knock it all out in about 3 months time. It's a work of art and a work in progress at all times. But that just all laundry worldwide in general I guess. It's a universal problem that has yet to be solved.


Gig said...

Hey Bethany,
Glad to see that you all have "landed". The pictures are great. Hope it is a good party when the wayward mattress finally arrives! I agree on the laundry, it is a never ending process, speaking of which, I need to work on mine.

Enjoy your new casita,

The Queen said...

Hello weary travelers,
I love to check in on you three as you have the most unusual luck. I especially love the directionally challenged mattress incident although I'm not surprise how things can go astay. Sorry Texas left a bad taste maybe New Mexico will be happy times. Love that dog...he got character!

Bethany said...

Hello Ladies! Good news... I finished the laundry today. Whew.

Texas was just too big. I don't know how else to say it. I found it exhaustingly huge. I think you truly have to be from Texas to fully understand Texas.

New Mexico is a shoe in... we have lived here twice before and we love it. I am already bathing in red chile sauce daily.

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

Hey, love the story still. It is funny, great language. I must use "buck ass wild" somewhere. Maybe in an official letter. Those pictures of West Texas filled me with that ache of emptiness (I remember being in a passenger plane years ago over the desert in Soviet central Asia and it was just empty - same feeling)

Then the sound of you in your new pad. The whole blog is a whimsical, romantic, airy, funny travel story. It reminds me (being nostalgic today) once I lived in London and the guy (or girl?) who lived in the appartment used to play his saxophone on summer nights. I never met him or saw him, but it was that kind of peek into someone else's life that your blog gives.

Best of luck and keep us posted.