Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quiet Sunday

Last night we had a low of 26 here in Texas. It was our coldest night yet in the Airstream. We kept the heat on (the actual furnace instead of our usual ceramic heat cube) set at around 62 and piled on the blankets. Per advice on the Airstream chat forum we opened up all the cabinets to allow warm air to circulate down in around our water tanks and keep stuff from freezing up. Everything worked out fine and we woke in the morning to sunshine and blue skies. It is supposed to be below freezing again tonight but now that we have weathered one night with no problems I am no longer worried.

I finished up wrapping and packing my boxes to send home for Christmas yesterday and now today I am just sort of hanging around feeling kind of ambiguously stunned. What does an ambiguously stunned person look like?

And no amount of coffee seems to help. It's just the aftermath of wrapping and packing I guess. It leaves me feeling a bit deflated. I need a new project.

So today has been a quiet day. This morning I made corn spoon bread for breakfast with blueberries and honey. We ate a whole 8 x 8 square pan full of it. And if we had had another we would have eaten it too. What is it about a Sunday morning that makes you feel entitled to a massive and indulgent breakfast? Is that just me or does it happen to you too?

Rudy suffers the most on a day like today. All he wants is to get outside and rip loose like a cracked up rabid wolverine. And we keep him inside laying about with our boring old asses. He alternates between doing this....

And doing this...

The first shot is the longing, trembling stare out the window watching those dreadful squirrels and other (lucky) dogs pass by and the second is standing at my feet starring at me for long, long periods of time trying to accomplish some sort of a Vulcan mind meld with me convincing me to take him outside. We DO take him out...obviously, but only for like ten minute walks down the river bank every few hours. He would stay out there ALL DAY sniffing and chasing and being whipped into a frenzy by the flora and fauna of the place. He's a dog. I am an ambiguously stunned girl. Herein lies the problem. We may never actually find a happy medium but we try.


Momo said...

Perhaps Rudy should take up the vibraphone. Instead of having to hold all 4 of those fuzzy ball stick things in 2 hands he would be at a great advantage.......1 per paw.
He could start his own musical review......I like the name "Dog Angst"(since it is appearing at the bottom of your post!)

You look like you ARE in the middle of a Vulcan mind meld in that picture.

Stay Warm!

Bethany said...

If Rudy does not start a band called Dog Angst someone should. Someone should really hurry up and get that show on the road.