Friday, December 28, 2007

Macro-licious Friday Fishes

Well... These are not the most exciting pics ever, but I have been a wee bit under the weather for the past two days and I was just not feelin' it to get out there and really take my time to get inspired. Mostly I crept around the edges of the pond frightening the minnows and the small children who are here on Christmas vacation. Minnows and small children both scare very easily.

We had to move to a new site here in this park today so we no longer have a river front site. Now we have a highway front site. It never ceases to amaze me the way people construct RV sites like 4 inches off loud, busy highways. Because yeah... we invested tens of thousands of dollars in this set up so we could be SLEEPING ON THE EDGE OF THE HIGHWAY. It really is perplexing. And it is amazing the number of people who seem to be perfectly OK with this situation. They even seem to like it on some weird level. Maybe they like to watch traffic? Maybe the sound of a car with a loose muffler choking by at 2 a.m. is comforting to them? Anyway, the actual site we are on is not bad at all. It has live oak trees and plenty of space... it's just the noise from the road that sucks. Maybe I will learn to love it like how you can learn to love brussel sprouts.

Can I just mention again the reason for these photos? The Friday set of macro shots... Because I love the macro setting on my Nikon that's why. I love it. I love coming back from shooting pics and loading them on my laptop and seeing what I got. Because you can never really tell while you are still outside with the camera if you actually got what you were going for or not. It's like a surprise show once you load them and start looking through. Like this little dude below... with his ultra fat little shadow and his nubby little fish eyes.

And now... just to make sure you are paying attention...

We are starting a fund to get Rudy braces. What kind of parents would we be to let him go through the rest of his life with those crooked teeth? He needs serious ortho work.


jani said...

Hello there!
I have been reading your blog. We are an older couple(50's) who have a Travel Trailer too,a Wilderness,30ft.and travel with our dog Joey,when we can. It's the best, isn't it? We went to Indiana last weekend, to drop off our TT to Fleetwood for some repairs.
Our Wilderness has a garage on the back,with lots of storage,and a slide-out.
anyway, I'm so jealous that you're doing this, I'd love to do it too,but my husband works,and although our kids are grown,we can't leave the Jersey Shore yet.
I love your macro photos too,what kind of nikon are you using?if you don't mind me asking?
Keep up the good work! just wanted you to know we're out here rooting you on your way!

Bethany said...

Hi Jani! Thanks for your comments! What do you carry in the garage area of your TT? Is it large enough for bikes etc? I wish we had a space like that on ours. The outside storage on an AS is pretty limited. So we have to pile everything on top of and in the back of our truck. We look like a traveling circus sometimes with all our stuff. If we trade up and get a new trailer in a few years I think we will get a 28' and then we will have a wee bit more storage space.

My Nikon is an 8 megapixel Coolpix 8700. It is a few years old so I am sure they have something newer and more fabulous out by now. I don't let myself look at the new stuff, it will just make me want it! For my purposes though this camera is great... although it feel a bit cumbersome to carry this one around after I got used to our little Canon point and shoot. But when I am just out toodling around shooting whatever (which is 98% of the time) it really is a fantastic camera to work with.

I hope you get to get out and camp again soon! Thanks for following our travels. Things will get more exciting when we head to the Big Bend area at the end of January.

Happy New Year!

savannah_rae said...

With 8 minutes left for Friday, I nearly missed the blog I looked so forward too! I like the third picture so much. You really take lovely macro shots!! Sorry to hear about the move. My apartment if between a busy side road, and an even busier highway. I feel for you. Hope you're getting some rest and feeling better!

XOXO, Savannah

Anonymous said...

hellodihoh! it's nice and refreshing to read in your blog!

I wanted to thank you for your wonderul comment on my blog, the one about the story of your friends and about Serafine.

Have a great day


Bethany said...

Hi Savannah Rae... Glad you made it to the post before the strike of 12!

It's nice to hear I have a sister in solidarity with the traffic noise. Last night being our first night in this spot was not as bad as I thought it would be. I think for me at this point it is more of a mental challenge than an audible one. If that makes any sense.

Have a great weekend...

Bethany said...

Hiya 1pic! Thanks for stopping by... it's nice to know you are around.

I was hesitant to share that story just because I thought it may come off the wrong way but now I am glad I did. I think it is an inspirational story and that there are things that can be learned from it by just about anyone.

Hope you have an exciting weekend/New Years Eve!

jani said...

Hi Bethany,
Thanks for replying and the camera info. I'm looking to get a new one,but waiting for the prices to come down a bit.
The trunk IS big enough for bikes,and it has racks for fishing poles,big wire baskets on the sides,and lots of cubbies.It's like a great storage closet you see in magazines.We load it up with trailer gear,chairs,and all the stuff to put up right away when you get to a spot.
I love the airstreams,and maybe we'll get an older AS motorhome someday. We are going to FL in Feb,so that's gonna be fun.There are some great state parks in Fl,one has a dog park& dog beach called Fort DeSoto,off the west coast of Fl.that Rudy would love!
Happy New Year almost!

StefRobrts said...

I love the fish pics, especially the first one! Have a happy new year!

Bethany said...

Thanks Stef! Happy New Year to you guys too!