Monday, December 03, 2007


On my last post I stuck in a link to ETSY for Christmas gift inspiration and shopping. For anyone unfamiliar with the site it can perhaps feel a little daunting to navigate and find what you are looking for. Especially if you have absolutely no idea what you are looking for... then it's pretty hard to find it. So I have put together a postie here of some neato shtuff I have found while poking around on there. It truly is a fantastic go to place for an unusual, special gift.

People.... I think this is cool. If you send this guy your plain assed leather shoes he will custom paint them in one of 36 different designs. Granted... this design entitled "Amoeba" may not be for everyone... but I am here to tell you, it works for me. Think of the things you could do while wearing your Amoeba shoes! You would be unstoppable.

This is a print from a shop called The Black Apple. I think her work would be really great for a child's room. She has pages of prints to look through at a great price... they would be so fun to frame and hang!

Don't even go HERE if you are currently hungry or if your sweet tooth rules the day. This chick will blow your cookie lovin' brains out all over the walls. So beware. I would like to request samples of each and every thing she has there. She is kickin' some cookie ass.

Again... avert your gaze if you are a sugar whore like me. This is the evil lair of The Fat Daddy Bake Shop!!! They make a positively sick amount of delicious sounding cupcakes that come to you in an individual little mason jar! How cute is that? Look through the list of flavors and I dare you to not drool on your keyboard.

Enough with the sweets... I love these silk screened/decoupaged votive holders at Mary Ink! Look here's more...

Super cute! And again a great gift for someone who loves candles and has eclectic, fun taste.

Everything in Larime Loom's shop pretty much kicks the teeth right out of my head (but in a GOOD way.) Italian handwoven scarfs, bags and shawls in gorgeous fibers. Gooood stuff. This scarflette pictured above is my favorite.

Because WHO can resist a chick with a huge goiter? Not me. I'll follow her home every time. Seriously though... if this does not prove my point about Etsy... you can find ANYTHING on there people, and it is all handmade. Oh... and if you fl you must purchase the goiter lady pendant? It can be had HERE at Sushipot Shop. I actually love her shop... she has truly bizarre, cool stuff.

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