Monday, December 17, 2007

Aggressive Scooter Operators

Some days just whiz past so quickly that it makes my head spin. Today we spent the morning getting a lot of boxes ready to ship. I sent my families Christmas stuff off, we sent a few things to Billy's family as well and Billy also shipped out three paintings he recently sold. Shipping stuff takes time. Before we knew it we looked at the clock to see that it was 2 pm. And we had not even had breakfast yet!? After leaping in to the fray at both the post office and a Fed Ex store (there went another hour!) we sped off to the grocery store. Man... did we ever need to go to the grocery! Dinner last night was a 12 on a scale of one to ten measuring out "creepy as Hell" dinners. Yuck.

So we went to the local H.E.B. and fought the insane crowds there. People... what HAPPENS this time of the year? The grocery store was a SCENE. The parking lot was full (remember this is like 2:45 on a Monday afternoon) and when we got inside it was every man for himself. Or I should say it was every senior citizen on a grocery store provided mobile scooter thing against me. It was like the whole retired, elderly world decided to grocery shop right that minute fueled by confusion and aggression while powering around in an awkwardly large scooter. There was a low level of something akin to road rage vibing out throughout the entire store. It was intense and weird. I was glad when we were able to check out and run away with our bags-o-stuff.

We raced home and I whipped up some homemade potato leek soup. Ahhhhhhh. That's better. Then we took Rudy for a (much needed) spin out back. I recently pulled out my Nikon to shoot pics with instead of the Canon for awhile and today I decided to shoot in black and white.

That pic shows you how low the river is... the birds can walk around without even getting their bums wet.

It was still cold today and we have stayed snuggled up while inside to keep the chill off. The cold turns Rudy in to a giant bed bug.

And being cooped up inside turns me into a snarling lunatic...

Thankfully the rest of the week is supposed to be in the 70's here. I expect a full recovery of my wits after a good dose of sunshine and short sleeves has been administered.


Michelle said...

I'm hoping you have sunshine need it!

Kenzie said...

Love these pictures!

Bethany said...

Hi Kenzie! Thanks! Are you guys ready for Christmas? I bet it will be really fun with the kids this year! Except I did hear that a certain someone was a little bit afraid of Santa... I was too when I was a kid. He totally freaked me out. I look like a terrified deer in headlights in all of my 70's mall photo Santa shots!