Monday, December 17, 2007

Free Rice!

Not for you.... If you want free rice you will have to go looking for it elsewhere. But if you would like to build up a nice pile of rice to give to someone who really needs it (for free) here is your chance and it's fun. My friend Gordon turned me on to this site this morning via email.

It's a vocabulary quiz/game that donates 20 grains of rice for every word you get correct. It's an intuitive program and with the first few words it assesses your knowledge level and asks your next few words accordingly. So as tempting as it is to look words up in a different window on google for the right answer... that will only get you harder words the next time. But... truth be told, this is just what I did. Heck! I learned new words and I accumulated a larger amount of rice for donation. The rice is donated to people with extreme need through the United Nations World Food Program. Have fun!

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