Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December in Texas

We are settling in pretty well in our new digs here in Kerrville. This is where we will be for Christmas and New Years. The weather has been pretty darned reasonable so far. Today and the next few days are kickin' around in the low 70's... nothin' wrong with that. It makes for good times sitting around outside with a book in the afternoon sun.

I have been trying to grab a nice shot of the deer which hang around out back on the river banks but I have not been too happy with anything I have taken so far. They are pretty skittish and I just don't have a good enough zoom on my camera to get anything better than this...

Yesterday while I was shopping in Fredericksburg I found a cute little foil Christmas tree at a shop called Red. They have great vintage/modern stuff in there... it's a dangerous place to hang around in for too long. Anyway, I brought my little tree home and stuck it out on top of our patio table. It looks pretty cute.

If Billy would let me I would cover the entire trailer in Christmas lights. And the inside of the trailer too. And Billy... he would look good covered in lights.


Momo said...

I love your tree! It lends a truly festive air to the site!
I hope the deer don't think those ornaments are apples!

Gordon Nicholds said...

Looks like an ad right out of the Airstream brochure! BTW, if your camera allows it, setting a 1 or 2 stop overexposure might help with the deer pics (and a touch of Photoshop).