Thursday, November 29, 2007

Howling Good Times

The first thing I can say about that is this... Billy is a MUCH better harmonica player than what you hear there... but if he plays it right we get no results from the d-o-g. This singing is a new development which we are working hard to encourage. If Rudy really has the music in him... we could join the circus and make our million. Because circus people have money... lots of it. Don't be fooled. Especially circus people with funny dogs.

So today I explored Kerrville, the new town we are camped near. I won't go so far as to say it's cute, but it does have enough stuff to make it interesting and comfortable for our stay. It has a big grocery store, a great antiques mall, a really nice used book store and there is even a real live vegetarian restaurant in town. And to fuel my very bad habit... there is even a brand spanking new Starbucks a few miles down the road. Bad. Bad. Bad. I know.

When I got home late this afternoon we took the pooper/chewer for a run out on the river bank. He freaking loves it out there... a little too much actually. It's the 4.9 million squirrels (who are none to happy about his arrival) and the 12 dozen deer who are standing around like they're at terminal 92 X at O'Hare and their plane has been delayed for three hours. They all look mildly stunned and bored. The deer that is, not the squirrels. The squirrels are running crazy at all times. And then it's as if an announcer comes on and says "Attention all deer waiting at terminal 92 X! Your plane will now be departing from terminal 142 Z!!!" And then all the deer run to the other side of the field and resume looking bored and stunned. Do you follow me people? Or have I lost you all like 5 sentences back? Because if I have lost you it's OK. There is no reason why you should have any idea what the Hell I am talking about. So anyway... this all makes Rudy crazy. It makes the squirrels angry and it makes the deer wish they had just booked a rental car to drive home for the holidays instead of flying.

So here are some shots from our walk/run with Rudy and some general scenery shots of the river and the SPECTACULAR trees that line the banks. They are huge.

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Michelle said...

Rudy has so many talents...he's admired by many!