Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Day On The Town

Well... we finally headed in to the capital city today! We dropped Rudy off at The Happy Mailman for the day (his very first time at a doggie day care!) and made our way down to the 6th St. area (just to see it) and then on to South Congress. There are a lot of cool shops on the SoCo strip. I bought a Kristen Farrell tee shirt at Blackmail, some avocado green sunglasses at some groovy little boutique and we perused the bizarre assortment of offerings at Uncommon Objects. Such as...

There is a kick ass Western store on South Congress called Allen's. They have a massive selection of really high quality cowboy boots. They carry Old Gringo which are one of my faves. We spent a good long while poking around in there being wowed over things like hand tooled smoking skull boots and wishing we had access to a million dollar boot fund. Or even a thousand dollar boot fun would be nice. We should all be born with a boot fund. To Hell with college funds... boots are more important in your development as a human being.

On S. Congress we saw an Airstream which has been modified to be a venue for CUPCAKES. Nothing else... just cupcakes. What a fabulous thing this is. Tragically, they were not open or I would have been cramming my face with said cupcakes. It was a fine, fine piece of aluminum, polished up to a mirror like shine and I am sure the people responsible for this little piece of magic in the world make a mean baked good.

We had lunch at the Kerby Lane Cafe down by the University of Texas, green enchiladas. They were pretty good but again... we are pining for the real deal once we get back to Santa Fe. It seems that nobody knows how to rock chile sauces quite like the peeps in NM. The next time we head downtown I want to get ice cream at this place on South Congress.... where they serve up angry, dangerous cones...

On our way out of town we stopped off at Whole Foods. Good gravy people. They keep on making these stores better and better. I come out of there reeling from the dazzling array of food and goodies every single time. The newer stores now have a gelato counter conveniently located right near the exit. We indulged. Of course. Dudes... two gelatos cut me down by $10.50. WTF? I mean.... hey! It's mighty tasty and I do appreciate the skill and care that goes into making proper gelato but ease off on the pricing throttle there kids. It's akin to buying grapes in London in the year 1880.

One of my major weaknesses at Whole Foods is always apples. I buy a lot of them and they are usually way to expensive. But they are basically guaranteed to be delicious. They had honey crisp the size of Rudy's head (weird comparison I know, but it's all I could think of.) Ahhhh... nothin' beats a four dollar apple.

Oh... Rudy did great at day care. The people at Happy Mailman are super cool and they said he was welcome back any time. He is (don't tell him) going to be spending the night there next Monday when we take a trip down to San Antonio. As much as I would love to visit the Alamo with the Tootis at my side... he has to stay behind for this one time while we luxuriate at a fancy hotel and experience fine dining ecstasy.

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Michelle said...

I love the photos from this blog. The apple pic is super cool.

So the daycare looks like a great place for Rudy to meet new friends. I'm glad it's working for him!