Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On the Road Again

Sorry for the lag in posting since last week. We have been tidying up the joint, readying ourselves to pull up stakes and move to a new spot tomorrow (Wednesday.) Things tend to get really disorganized and spread out in a way unbecoming to a nomadic lifestyle when you actually stay put in one locale for a whole month. It takes a minute to get your shit together again in a way that is suitable for highway travel.

We have ended on a nice note here at Cottonwood Creek having met a new friend (she has been our neighbor for the past two weeks or so) Andrea, who is here visiting from London (yes, England.) Andrea has gifted us with genuine, interesting conversation and an intuitive opinion on art sales in the UK (and abroad) as well as having birthed us a brand new internet baby.... www.pleinairstream.com !!! We had our tired old website which was hobbled, lame and kind of depressing for us to even claim as our own... but now, TA DAHHHH! We have a brand new fabulous website to care for and love! It has five fingers and five toes and is not in least bit cross eyed or ugly... it even smells fresh as baby powder on a lily white bottom if you sniff your screen... Ok, no it doesn't, but it really is nice and THANK YOU ANDREA!! We are thrilled. We still have a bit of work to do uploading photos and whatnot but it is more done than not... so go ahead and have a look!

So we will be moving a few hours west tomorrow, remaining in Texas hill country to a spot near Kerrville. I have to say I am excited to be on the move again. Texas is waaayyyy big and we want to see new places and get a new perspective on the landscape for Billy's paintings.

Thanks to Sherry and Les here at Cottonwood... we have had a nice time getting to know you and appreciate your diligence in keeping us on the internet and your support and advice with Rudy!!! He will miss playing with Emma... she has been his favorite chic to make out with of all time.

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