Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cold Dogs and Hot Turkeys

It's mighty nippy here in Texas today. It's the coldest temps we have felt in a long while. Nobody wanted to crawl out of the bed this morning. And by nobody you can see who I mean.

We had a quiet day. Billy worked on a painting while I cooked. We just finished up eating an hour or so ago. Our menu was a Quorn brand turkey, chipotle cheddar mashed potatoes, corn bread stuffing with fire roasted poblanos and apples, Mandarin orange and clove cranberry sauce and broccolini with arugula and garlic. The mashed potatoes were perhaps the best I have ever made in my whole life. I grabbed the recipe off

As you can see it calls for "perfect mashed potatoes" (easy enough, right?) and then you just add the chipotle in adobo and some super sharp cheddar. I got both my cheese and my peppers in adobo at Whole Foods. The peppers come canned in the sauce... I added about three tablespoons of the pepper ingredient into my mashed where they tell you to just put two teaspoons. And I did not use a full cup of the cheese... only about a half cup. Priorities people... chipotle outweighs the cheese in this household. This was our very first Thanksgiving meal with a Southwestern flavor and it gets a definite seal of approval.

Here's a sloppy shot of our spread. The fake turkey is always good for a visual funny... go ahead, laugh at it. You won't hurt our feelings.

I'd like to send a shout out to our family and friends (spread out across the whole country) saying we love you all and miss you! You are what we have to be most thankful for in this world.


Momo said...

Your dinner looks delicious!
I find the uniformity of your "turkey" to be both orderly and inticing. The potatoes make a lovely visual........I am going to try that recipe.
We love and miss you too
I am thankful to have a kid who can switch from being a dynamite cook to trailer park Zsa Zsa.

Anonymous said...

You guys are very cool!! My wife and I are both are much older than you two and discovered your blog thru the Airstream Life email. You are doing just what we plan to do in retirement. Taking a few years off to see America. I just wished I would have done it earlier. You guys have so much fun! We just last week checked out an Airstream 30 Foot Classic and believe we have found our new home away from home. Best of luck and thanks for sharing your dream.

Brad West
Plano, Texas (just north of Dallas)

Bethany said...

Hi Brad! Glad you found us! I hope you guys go ahead and decide to buy the AS Classic! We have had such an incredible time over the past 9 months since we set out on this trip. The trailer truly is home and we have been completely comfortable and happy in it.

If you have never gone full time don't worry... it's not as big of a leap as some people seem to think it is. At least we did not find it to be. It all depends on you and what your expectations are I guess.

Best of luck to you! Maybe we will cross paths one of these days... after all we are just down the road a piece in Kerrville at this point! Grab that AS and head on down!