Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Lady Prefers Old Gringo

Yeah, that's just a fancy way of sayin'... Hey people! I got a really, really kick ass pair of Old Gringo Cowboy Boots! Shhhhhheeeeooooot! Good Lawsy! I have been aching for a pair of these boots ever since I first pressed my eyeball up to a pair of 'em in Santa Fe a few years ago. Today my dream was finally realized.

Do you feel it? I was so excited after I got 'em I came straight home and Billy and I celebrated by drinking big ass glasses of Sangria at 2:30 in the afternoon. We don't drink big ass glasses of sangria at any hour of any day usually... so you can see that this was truly a special moment in my life. Even Rudy was feelin' the boot love... they made him smile.

I'll let you know if I sleep with them on tonight. It's entirely possible that I will. A major MUCHAS GRACIAS goes out to my Mother... As these are an early Christmas gift from her. Santa can forget about it baby... Rose O. kicks the snot out of him in the gifting arena.


David said...

Gotta say, B, those are ass kickin' boots! Tip of ol' Stetson to yer ma for indulging her little girl. I want to see the skirt that goes with the boots. And the hat. And the shirt. And the accessories.

Michelle said...

I love your mom and I agree that santa has nothing on her! I enjoy the boots and can only imagine how good they are up close. I love it when shoes are so good that you can't take them off!

Bethany said...

Thanks guys... for the boot support. I feel like my boots have a loving family spread out over the whole of the USA. And how many boots do you that can say such a thing?