Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Layin' Low

We are having a couple of quiet days just lazing about and reading. It's kinda cool outside and really overcast so we are making that an excuse to be bums. Good excuse right?

We did head out for a good long walk around noon time today on the back acreage of this property which is pretty heavily wooded and is surrounded by ranch land on all sides. It's really quiet back there and I got some neat pictures while out walking. I decided to shoot mostly with the sepia filter on because it lends itself to the look of the landscape here (I think.) The few black and whites I took really popped out the haggard feeling of the dead trees which pepper the woods pretty heavily. They are very abstract and severe... I dig it. Anyway... here's a good selection of my favorite shots.

That second to last shot is a super old rusted out radiator in an old junk heap way out back. I liked the pattern and texture of it mixed with the grasses.

We should be back to warmer temps and sunny days as of tomorrow. I am sure we will head out to hike another state park (there are a bunch of them around to choose from) or check out another neighboring town. Until then I think I will creep back under the covers and finish my book!

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