Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Not Dead or Abducted, Just Lazy

Hiya.... sorry for the looong delay in posting! After we finished up with our repair stuff at Airstream (which went very well thanks to a super cool tech guy we worked with) we headed straight to Illinois for a visit with family. We have been here about 6 days and I have barely taken a sideways glance at my laptop since we got here. I guess I needed to take a break from the internet.

We have been staying pretty mellow so far here. The big event of the day is usually taking Rudy to the dog park. So there has not been much to report in the way of exciting incidents. Billy took the bus in to Chicago today to visit the Art Institute. I stayed here to wear my grubby old pink slippers and slough around the quiet house for the day while everyone else is at work.

I will try to get out over the next few days to shoot some pics and kick up some dust so I have a few stories to tell. Until then I hope you can bear with me and my lazy, boring ways.


Kenzie said...

Welcome back Airstreamers!

StefRobrts said...

You guys must be reallllly comfortable where you are! I'm starting to think we won't be hearing from you ever again ;)