Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Resurrection and Post #105

Sooooooo..... how've ya been? How about that lag in posts there eh? It was a big one. I'm embarrassed. I went into sort of a black hole for awhile and suffered from a complete inability to go online. But now... I'm back. For real. And this is post number one hundred five for me on this blog. Why did I not mention my centennial post and instead I am making a stink over post #105? I dunno. I guess number 100 sort of slipped past me in the night. And anyway, 105 feels right as my fresh start after a long break.

We have hit the road again after spending three weeks in Illinois with my parents and my Gram. What did we do while there? We ate indulgent stuff (gelato, lasagna, cheesecake, flourless chocolate torte, Italian cookies, etc., etc.) and shopped at Ikea in Schaumburg and did laundry for free and ate lots of apple stuff from the apple orchard and enjoyed 90 degree October days right up until the last which was weird, but good. We did take a short hike up to Milwaukee to visit with our friend Gordon for a day as well. He and Billy went to the art museum while I grocery shopped at Trader Joes (Woo Hoo!) and a Whole Foods. I bought a Milwaukee Trader Joes pumpkin which I am proudly escorting all the way to Texas for Halloween. A well traveled pumpkin is a rare but fine thing. Gordon came out to the park we were camping in (thanks for driving for an hour and a half Cappy) to sit by a fire and chat and then we headed back down into Illinois the next day to finish up with family visiting. The trip was fast and I sucked about going to see friends while in town. Sorry about that.... I have no excuses other than the fact that is was hard as Hell to deal with Rudy for a variety of reasons which I will spare you all the details of.

We are now somewhere in Southern Illinois (after driving all day mind you... we are STILL in Illinois.... it's a long haul people) and will make a break for Memphis tomorrow. I think we will hang out there for three or four days if we can find a nice spot to camp. Our plan is to hit Texas and our spot in Dripping Springs no later than November 1st.

I will get back to posting some pictures with my next post. I was also extremely lazy about pulling out my camera while in Illinois. Sigh. I don't think any of you needed to see me laying around on a sofa at my Mom's eating ice cream in my pajamas though... so be glad the camera stayed in it's holster.


David said...

Keep rockin' kids! Love traveling vicariously from up in the Bronx. I do travel by train every day, but it's not very romantic given the bums sleeping in the stations and, the lack of scenery underground. Just finished one of the best travel books I've ever read, Balkan Ghosts, by Robert Kaplan. Amazing look at an area and people we in the US know almost nothing about. Wonderfully disturbing.

More pics!!! Please.

Bethany said...

Thanks for suggesting the book David. I am reading "Sutree" by Cormac McCarthy right now and really loving it. I will check out Balkan Ghosts when I finish this one up.

It feels great to be back on the road and seeing new places again!