Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Screw You... We're From Texas

Yeah... don't take offense. Those are the lyrics of a Ray Wylie Hubbard song that I have thought was very funny for a long while and now that we are actually in Texas for the next three months I may adopt it as my theme song. It's either that one or Ray Wylie's "Snake Farm." Both songs are just deliciously stupid.

Anyway... here we are in Texas. We are spending tonight in a state park 100 or so miles out of Dallas just because we would have hit Dallas in 5 o'clock traffic had we kept on driving and even though I have never been to Dallas I'm guessin' that 5 o'clock traffic is not where you wanna be. So here we are at Bob Sandlin Lake. It's nice.

The sites are huge, heavily wooded and there is an owl hootin' in the trees just outside the trailer. Rudy is standing guard at the door listening, growling and watching for the owl in case it should decide to launch an attack upon us. Because you just never know with owls. They can be dangerous... especially in Texas. We are also sharing our space with a couple of these guys...

I did some googling and found out this is an Orchard Spider. Pretty fancy eh? It's the first spider I have ever seen dressed in a bright green and yellow suit. He could get a gig in the Emerald City. I will confess that my hurried google search to find out what sort of arachnid we were dealing with was fueled by the possibility that bright green and yellow spiders could be nature's way of saying "POISONOUS SPIDER." But it turns out the Orchard Spider is completely harmless. Good news.

Tomorrow we hit Dallas. I have strong feeling that it may blow our brains up... being in Dallas. I am truly excited to be in Texas. And to have Texas blow my brains up as often as possible.

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