Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Airstream Terra-port

I just thought I would give you a little taste of what it's like to travel with Rudy. As you can see he is really high test in the truck while on the road. A regular old bundle of nerves. Occasionally he will actually wake up and reposition himself or perhaps chew on a bone for awhile in a rhythmic trance-like state before going back to sleep. What a spoiled brat.

So we have made it (at long last!) to the Airstream home base in Jackson Center, OH. It is a trip to be here. The terra-port (the little "campground" they provide on site) is smaller than I imagined. At night the whole area is lit by the same lights you would find in a mall parking lot and when you look out across the distance you see all these shiny silver pods sprinkled around like blobs of mercury. I guess this is why Airstreamers refer to this place as "The Mother Ship." It does has sort of a space ship docking station feel to it. There are about 5 or 6 other trailers here with us waiting for service appointments and overall it seems to be a very quiet spot to be parked. Well, quiet when the 37 mile long freight train is not roaring and rumbling through town which it does about three times a day (one of those times being at about 3 in the morning.)

Tomorrow morning we have to be up and out of the trailer by 7 am so they can tow it in and get to work on it. Today will be spent cleaning and organizing the entire contents of our home. I don't want some poor service tech guy getting konked on the head by a huge bottle of olive oil that comes rolling out of an overhead bin when he opens it up.

There are some cool old Airstreams sitting around on the lot. We are looking forward to checking out the new '08 models while we are here too. I will post more pictures when I get 'em.

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