Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day One. One Dog Down.

OK. So we are off to a whopping start here in the heart of Texas. We got checked in to our spot in Dripping Springs early yesterday evening and all is well with that part of things. Today we decided to head out and explore the surrounding area. There is a town called Blanco about 13 miles from us and we made that our first stop. Blanco is real small and it has quite a bit of charm. It apparently also has quite a lot of scorpions right on the town plaza grass. We were there no longer than 15 minutes before we were rushing Rudy to the Blanco Vet Clinic. Thankfully it was only a mile or so down the road.

He was stung on the foot by something and he was freaking out. Now this is a dog who has been stung by bees, wasps etc. and he barely bats an eyelash. He usually just keeps right on truckin'. But this time he was crying, yelping and holding his back foot up, licking and biting at it like crazy. He was in a panic.

The vet was super cool. They got us right in and took care of Rudy pronto. The vet said that at first he thought we had a rattlesnake bite on our hands but after shaving the area and checking more closely he said it seemed to be a scorpion sting. They gave Rudy some meds and said he should be fine since we had gotten him there so quickly. Whew.

We brought Rudy back home and now we are just letting him chill out. He is a bit dopey from the meds. I am a bit dopey from the whole experience myself actually. It sucked. It sucked for a lot of reasons. I was already worried about the potential for stuff like this to happen to him while we are in this area and the fact that something happened on day one is not very encouraging! And there really is no such thing as keeping an eye out or whatever. I mean he was in a patch of grass on the town plaza at high noon for crap sake. Sigh. We are going to have to keep a standing appointment at the emergency vet I think. Thankfully terriers are tough cookies and he seems to always bounce back really quick from these moments. I just hate it though.

I will post some pictures tonight.

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Your Grandmo said...

Be well my little Rudy
I love you!