Thursday, October 18, 2007

Back in the Saddle.... Tornadoes in October

Welcome to Arkansas.... we have a tornado watch in effect until 11 pm this evening.

Yee haw! We got a great show from the western bank of the Mississippi where we are camping for the weekend in West Memphis. There is a massive storm system passing through and the cloudscape at sunset was nuts. We are in the clear now (I think)... as the storm is headed North at about 60 mph. I am glad to be out of it.... Hell's a-poppin' and I would not be surprised if there was a tornado up in Missouri or Southern Illinois yet tonight. Here's a view of the sky behind us at sundown...

So we are set up in a really weird but kind of cool campsite which is literally about 30 feet off the banks of the Mississippi. There is a lot of river traffic which is fun to watch pass by... huge barges and whatnot. Just across the river about 15 minutes drive time away is Memphis, TN.

The campsite is just a concrete pull through out on a grassy field but the river makes it worth while to be set up here. Tomorrow we will head over to Memphis for the day. I really doubt that we will go to Graceland as I am just not that big of an Elvis fan. Sorry. He sort of grosses me out. I don't care how hot young Elvis was.... it's the old, fat, drugged out, sequin clad Elvis that my mind cannot escape. If I got a look at the toilet the King used to utilize I may just have to barf in it... and I doubt the folks at Graceland would dig that very much. So it's best that I just stay away.

I am excited to see the city though.... Beale St., the historic district, and to eat some good southern food. I'll take lots of pics and report back in tomorrow night.

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