Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This Little Piggy Arrives in a 1940 Ford Pick Up

We had a pretty special start to our day today. We were visited this morning by a new friend whom we met down on Main Street of Smithfield, VA yesterday outside the ice cream parlor. His name is Al and he is a fine Virginian gentleman... he was helping us out with directions and telling us a bit about the history of his town and his own personal passions. These are the moments that make our trip something worth talkin' about. Al collects old Ford trucks and hot rods (specifically from the years 1936 and 1940.) After meeting him yesterday he mentioned we could check out his website www.36fords.com to see pictures of his collection. Make sure you click through and check it out...he has some really cool stuff. I emailed Al last night through his website and mentioned that I sure would love to take a spin in one of those old trucks. Al was not gonna let me down on that one. He brought out the newest addition to his fleet which he calls "Walker Ride" after the man who owned it originally. We sat at the picnic table to chat over coffee for awhile and then took a drive around the plantation farm roads in the truck. It was a real hoot! Here's a look at the truck....

Al also brought us a couple of mementos from our stay near Smithfield... a couple of wee little golden pigs which are pins. Smithfield is of course famous for it's ham... hence the golden piggies. Thanks Al! We are so glad you stopped out... maybe we will see ya again downtown when we drive in for that slice of pie. And we will wear our Smithfield pigs with pride!

We pretty much took the rest of the day off from painting or anything else and cleaned house. We scrubbed the peanut down from it's tin roof to the floor. The cupboards got rearranged and the fridge got cleaned out. Even though this is such a small space....or maybe BECAUSE it is such a small space, it gets really dusty and "outdoorsy" in here really easily. So it felt good to get all that pollen and junk zapped outta here. After we got done cleaning I baked some coconut cupcakes from a Barefoot Countessa box mix my Mom shipped to me awhile back. It was a very domestic day. I made a dozen cupcakes... there are two of us. It could get ugly. I'll leave it at that.

Oh! Happy 1st of May! Aren't you all so glad it is finally MAY? I have had enough of Winter and cold to last me the rest of my life. Billy and I have sworn to avoid temperatures below 50 for the rest of our days on this Earth. OK... I am heading for the hills people... all that cleanin' today knocked me right on my a-s-s. Adios!

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Momo said...

Let's hear it for Al........he is my kind of guy! I have checked out his website and our friend Al is obviously not foolin around here. He knows the score! When we were kids we used to hang May baskets on the neighbors door and ring the bell and run. I think your visit and and ride and piggy pins this morning way exceed any basket possible! Virginia sounds like it gets an A plus! And thanks Al for keepin an eye on those youngsters!