Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rainy Day

It's been drizzling rain aaalllll day today. I pretty much woke up feeling right in line with a quiet, sleepy, rainy day vibe so we have stayed home here in the trailer listening to the drops tapping on the roof. Billy has been working on a new painting of the plantation farm tirelessly. It's a really challenging piece with lots of foliage and greenery. Creating a good painting involving so much green is really tough. It's like trying to make a really tasty soup out of one ingredient. It's all about color values, light, shadow, and composition.

He has been working on that painting so long today I don't know how his eyes have not popped right out of his head.

We have 5 more days to enjoy the farm here before we move on farther inland. Billy's birthday is this weekend so we will probably be here eating way too many baked goods and other various indulgent foods with that as an excuse.

Our next stop is close to Richmond so I am sure we will day trip in there to check out the state capital. Soon after that we will head straight on into MA to stay with Gail (Billy's Mom) and to visit family and friends out on the Vineyard and Nantucket. We have not seen anyone out there in over a year. It will be good to get back to New England and hang out with everyone and enjoy the early days of Summer.

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Missy B said...

Happy Birthday Weekend!