Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Quickie

This is as good as it gets. Speeding Tortie.


Grandma Biehl said...

I don't want you going close to those alligators anymore.
I think you should write a book and I will buy the first book.
I love all of my Mothers Day gifts and I love you most of all for just being my grandaughter.
I love you

peter said...

I don't know how I ran across your blog but I just subscribed and I'm very interested in what youre doing. the thing is, I went to the ebay site and I don't see you selling much. I was interested to see if you could fund your trip with your work so I'm wondering how that's going. Bills work is great. He should be selling it like crazy. do you have other out lets and galleries? Are you able to make money on the road.
There was a guy doing this a while back . He called himself the Itererant Artist. He traded his paintings for a place to stay. He prearanged people to stay with and worked his way across the country. ( His work was not very refined) If you don't want to discuss this publicly my email is
the reason I'm interested is I'm going on a trip to jackson hole for 2 weeks and I was thinking of taking the laptop and doing watercolor sketches and putting them on the blog just as you have done. Ebay might be too much of a pain for just 2 weeks ButI though it would be fun to show paintings of the place and maybe sell something to my mail list

Bethany said...

Hi Peter... I did fire off an email to you in regard to your questions. Glad you found us!