Thursday, May 31, 2007

Billy's Blog

Hiya... Just a quick post to let y'all know Billy has decided to author his own blog featuring his work and thoughts on the painting process in general. You can find his writing at A Brush With Life. Or Either way will get ya there. He will be posting all his new work there a piece at a time and discussing the techniques he is working with, the reason for chosing the landscape painted and all kinds of interesting little artsy tid bits. So check it out people. This new development will allow me more space to blab and carry on here so this is fair warning. Billy was the thing keepin' this blog safe and clean people. Now that he has moved out into his own blog home anything goes... sharp edges, smack talk and general silliness may infect the posting on (every) occasion.


Momo said...

Momo and Michelle are ready to smack talk.......bring it on

Bethany said...

We're gonna burn the Motha down ladies.