Thursday, May 24, 2007

Not All Fun and Games

OKAY! I am so tired my brain feels like a week old hush puppy from Long John Silvers so this is gonna be blunt. We drove 9 hours today. We arrived at our one night stop over in up state New York. It is ridiculous. There is a giant plastic Statue of Liberty at the front office if that tells you anything. And when I say giant I mean it's like 7 feet tall. As we were trying to back into our space the people camping next door started chatting with me. They were very hesitant to STOP chatting with me even though I insisted I was tired, wanted to make dinner and go to bed. Then during set up we discovered the fridge will not power up. So we spent the next two hours trying to figure that out. Never did. All this time the people next door kept it up asking if they could come look at the Airstream? Do we wanna drink wine with them? How old are we? Can they suck our blood? Can they eat my brains out of my head with a spoon? To all this I continued to answer "No." We gave up on fixing the fridge which means all our food is as good as old hot mayonnaise. We then decided we would just take quick showers and go to bed. The hot water heater (suddenly) does not work either. So we took cold showers. The capper is the realization that with all the in and out dealing with the fridge we managed to fill the trailer up with giant mosquitoes. They are everywhere. It looks like it's snowing inside...snowing fat mosquitoes. I spent about ten minutes hopping around smacking at them... going blind trying to see them against the bright ceiling lights. I give up. Totally. I will probably wake up in the morning with an eye swollen shut from a bite and a hot case of West Nile. That's all. Wish us luck and I will report back once we have regained some semblance of sanity and a stock cold unspoiled mustard.

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