Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Long Dizzy Ride to Pocahontas.

Sorry for the lag in posts but we have had a really slooooow, blahhhh sort of beginning to the week. And today was moving day! Always exciting... moving to our new home/campsite. This time is was just a quick jump up the road about 50 miles to Pocahontas State Park. Big deal right? Well, it was kind of a big deal only because we both felt like we were gonna DIE the whole time. Not sure what the problemo is or was but both Billy and I were totally tired, spaced out and feeling kind of sicky/crappy. To the extent actually, that driving was a real chore. I was plotting ways to conveniently barf in a clean, streamlined manner out the car window without asking Billy to pull the truck/trailer over to the roadside. Happily neither the barfing or pulling over ended up being a necessity and we made it to the new campground with our breakfasts still in our bellies. TMI? Well, I am only being honest people. It's how the day played out.

Our new site is smashingly beautiful and woodsy and private and all the fabulous things one hopes for in a campsite, so I think we will be cozy here for the next week. We are laying about like three toed tree sloths tonight shaking off the tail end of whatever creeper was making us feel oogie today. Tomorrow is find the grocery store and post office and other important "stuff" day. Word on the state park streets is that we have about 38 miles of hiking trails at our disposal in this park so it is petty possible we will just hang out right here in the the whole time we are camped here. After this we hit the Blue Ridge Mountains where I will most likely be eaten by a bear. It is my destiny. If it does not happen this time... it will happen sooner or later. So get it while ya can people...get it while ya can.

OK. I will try to post pics of the area tomorrow.


Michelle said...

Your mother and I have hopes and prayers that you will meet only vegetarian bears.

Bethany said...

You girls need to have a few wild animal encounters yourself and maybe you can then adopt a more relaxed attitude toward the concept of being eaten. There is something about the concept of being a bear snack that makes you feel really alive. More alive even than getting a new pair of shoes Michelle. Really.