Saturday, September 01, 2007


I can happily report that we are not spending the weekend boondocking in a Walmart parking lot. We ended up finding a spot nearby and only had to pack up and drive about 20 minutes to get here. Our campsite is on a pretty little creek and although we are surrounded by the Labor Day crowds I am pretty content.

I set the alarm and got up at 7:30 this morning (a rare and dangerous thing for me to do) so I could drive up to Castile, NY for an estate sale. I had stopped at the sale yesterday but had no cash in hand and they were closing up for the afternoon so I vowed to get back up there early today. There was "stuff" I wanted. I got up and made it to the sale by 8:30... said "stuff" is now crammed in here in our already overflowing truck and trailer. What sort of STUFF did I get? Vintage buttons, handkerchiefs, fabric, men's neckties and 40's cotton dishcloths. Some of it is for resale and some is for my own crafty purposes. I got some great deals and it was well worth the trip and getting up early.

When I got back home we took a walk up the creek bed to see where it went and what the scenery was like. There are a bunch of gnarly old willow trees and tons of wild flowers everywhere. The water was cold and my felt felt like blocks of ice by the time we got back. Rudy is full of burrs and he broke his ugly blue harness thing while on the walk. I don't know where or when we will find a store that sells ugly blue dog harnesses but it is going to suck trying to take him out for a walk until we get another one.

I am now feeling an overwhelming urge to take a nap... go figure. It's the price paid for the 7:30 wake up call.

Here's a few images from my camera today... the common thread in them being strong doses of color. I loved the kitschy look of this old laundry mat and the other two are shots from the walk in the creek, a rotting apple in the water and a fallen leaf. Hope you all are having a fine Saturday out there in the big old goofy world.

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