Saturday, September 15, 2007

Along Came a Spider

This is for Stef... and anyone else who likes the spider pic from my last post. Here is the original photo. I had no idea the creepy crawler was even there til I opened the pic up in photoshop.

I really like the way this whole series of photos turned out. I was messing around with light settings and this one and the few I posted below all have an almost artificial light feeling to them. Like they are part of a fake set-up indoors or something. Anyway... the spider is there top center of the pic. You'll have to click through to the larger version to see it.


StefRobrts said...

Thanks! It's interesting because it's so intricate, which is probably why you didn't see that nasty looking spider at first glance. I also like the one below with the light coming through the leaves. I've been playing with getting a good photo of leaves lit from behind, and it's hard to get the greens to come through right. PS - my dogs tell me bees are yummy too, but I don't believe it :-)

Bethany said...

Yeah... we have had more bee experiences in the past few months than I have been comfortable with. Rudy has been stung more times in 7 months of living on this planet than most bears (in search of honey) have been at the end of their lives I think.

It IS hard to capture the light just right in the type of photo you are talking about. I feel like I am only just beginning to learn how to adjust my camera settings to get stuff the way I see it in my minds eye. I love my camera though... it is so easy to use and comfortable to carry around. I feel like I am getting away with something getting great pictures from such a small point and shoot!