Tuesday, September 18, 2007

OHIO Continued

We are on day ten here in Ohio. At times it has felt a little like being trapped in a sensory deprivation tank. But I am nicely mellowed at this point... like a large chunk of mild cheddar.

We spent today driving through Amish farmland again but this time managed to avoid cruising offensively through anyone's back yard. I'll tell you what... these Amish peeps have some crazy beautiful land. We saw places today that looked like we had stepped into a Dutch painting from the 1600's. And as you can see by my new banner up above, their cows are oh so friendly and apparently don't mind having their photo taken at all.

Although I am wildly tempted to shoot pics of Amish people I have tried to remain respectful and keep my Canon out of their faces. I have stolen a few shots from a distance or from behind though... I could not resist.

My only real complaint from time spent in Amish Ohio is this... in searching for lunch we were met time and again with one item and one item only for someone who does not eat meat. A cheese sandwich. So we finally gave in and got a cheese sandwich in Berlin. We choose the fanciest seeming cheese sandwich place in town. In fact they were boasting a THREE cheese and tomato sandwich.

The amount of cheese that was on that sandwich should really be outlawed.

I felt that sentence should stand alone so my point would be clear. Too much cheese... is NOT a good thing. I'm talking about belly bustin', life altering amounts of cheese. After eating only half of my cheese brick I spent the rest of the afternoon devouring peppermint tic tacs in a weak attempt to abate the nausea I was experiencing in acute waves. You have been warned. If you are a vegetarian traveling in Amish country... order the apple dumplings for lunch. You may be looked upon as a glutton for eating dessert for lunch but at least you won't have a seizure later on in the day from cheese poisoning.


Michelle said...

so I really love the b&w photo, but the cow pic is over the top! I have had a real obsession with cows lately and no, I don't know why. I met a farmer (Farmer Adam) and didn't really believe he had a dairy farm. He sent me a pic of one of his cows. Of course I asked the cow's name and he said #27. That just wasn't working for me..she is now known as Dorothy Gladys. I will show you her pic when you are in town (I can feel your excitement and anticipation).

Cappy said...

Hey! Your photos in this post kick some ass, missy. I'm thinkin' you should make some cheese sandwich money by selling them to other humans. Maybe do an art show here or there? BTW, the Texas shows crank up in March/April, I'm going to work a couple into my spring schedule if you'll be around...

Bethany said...

Michelle... Cows are good people. I have yet to meet a group of cows I did not like. Bulls are obviously a different story... as we must always admire and respect them from afar. They are not so much into friendly social situations.
I am glad you gave Dorothy Gladys a name. She is probably showing off about it to #14 & #39 right now. Maybe she will even take to wearing red lipstick now that she is such a fine lady.

Hola Cappy! Thanks for the photo compliments. Shoot! We will be in Texas for November, Dec and January but by the time your art shows roll around I think we will be much farther West. Probably in Southern AZ or NM. We'll met up somewhere along the way. We always do.