Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mornings With Rudy

Yes. That is a circa 1970's lion, tiger and cheetah sheet on my bed. Why? Because we live in a trailer and these are the sort of decorating choices people who live in trailers sometimes make. And yes... that is a furry little creature snuggled up with me in the bed. When Billy gets up in the a.m (usually and hour or more before me) he lets Roodis McTootis out of his crate and he comes directly up into the bed with me. It's his favorite thing. In the whole world. More than treats even. He LOVES being in the bed.

We don't let him sleep all night in the bed for a number of reasons. Number one being that the bed is pretty small and he is a bed hog. Number two... He SNORES. Number three... He farts. Number four... He has a tendency to smash his dirty, crusty feet in your face. Grossed out yet? Yeah... me too. This is why he sleeps in his crate at night. He hates it... but he tolerates it because well, we give him no other choice. One of these nights he may decide to lash out at bedtime and kill us both but for now we are managing.

Somehow in the mornings things seem to work out better. Once he jumps up on the bed he usually walks up and just sits there looking at me for awhile. After we have gazed at one another for what he deems the appropriate amount of time I lift the covers and he comes under and gets situated much like a person would... tucked in with his head on the pillow. There is no snoring or
farting in the morning (somehow that all gets worked out in the night) but I still do get the occasional foot in my face.

It's usually a huge disappointment for Rudy when I do decide to get up. He would stay in bed til noon I think given the chance.

So here we are in central Ohio. We have no internet, barely enough cell phone coverage to get or make calls and not a single channel on the boob tube. It's back to old school campin' (with microwave popcorn.) Since we are here for two solid weeks we have plenty of time to decompress. The first few days without internet always make me feel a little sketched out... like I am suddenly missing an arm or something. And sadly we have become pretty junkied out on watching tv at night again so the first few nights without that result in us sitting here at 8 o'clock saying "Now what? I guess we may as well go to bed." Now that we have been here for 4 days things are feeling better. I have been crafting (mostly crocheting) and reading (currently I'm into a book of short stories by Taijun Takeda centered on post war Japan.) Billy is forever reading art books and of course painting. Last night we had a camp fire and sat around outside. Funny... but we very rarely have a camp fire.

We had planned to kayak the river on Saturday but we are waiting on the weather. The forecast calls for a high of 59 and rain. I can hang with that temp but not if it starts raining. Today we are going to go for a hike here in the park and then my mission is to find RV toilet paper. Wish me luck with that.


StefRobrts said...

My understanding is that any cheap single-ply will do the trick just the same and cheaper than the 'special' RV TP.

Rudy is adorable! I'll bet he'll be sleeping in bed all night before you know it. Besides, dogs are just extra insulation - little portable bed-heaters :-)

Bethany said...

Stef... of course I read your info about the tp AFTER I had driven 17,000 miles to find RV paper. Sigh. Oh well... we have enough RV toilet paper to wipe the butts of the US Navy now. I have no idea what that means exactly... but I do feel it gets my point across.

I do have to tell you... Mr. Mc Doo Doo just got a brand new doggie house which fits in perfectly under the dinette table in the trailer. So for now he is still going to be evicted at bedtime to his own sleeping quarters. I did buy him a super fabulous new blankie to go in his bed which is complete with a herd of stampeding mustangs on it. How can he possibly resist?