Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rubber Eyeballs, Wrestling and Uhhh, Cake?

Howdy all. Well, the fall days are just a rollin' on by aren't they? Some folks have already been snowed on and I have a feeling we are not too far down on that waiting list here in Santa Fe. Yeeeeeeesh. It makes my toes curl up just thinking about it. I am trying to keep my pinkie finger firmly pressed on the slow motion button these last few weeks of October. After Halloween comes and goes all bets are off as far as the weather goes. We have experienced winters here in NM where we could sit outside in short sleeves in January...aaannnd we have experienced winters where your eyeball cracks in two and falls out of your head upon meeting with the frigid outside air. Time will tell what Ma Nature is dishing out for us this year... but oh man are we hoping for the sunny warm option. And by warm I mean like 50 degrees. I don't want to fake anyone out into thinking we can kick it with 70 degree days in teh winter here because we can't. We don't. Unfortunately.

Weekend report... I worked on Saturday. Plllllbbbbbbth. That's all I will say about that. Sunday Michelle came over with her pregnant little self and we sat around in the living room chewing the fat (conversational fat not baby fat... yuck!) and crocheting like a couple-a old hens. Billy was an old hen right along with us while painting. Later that night we cruised over to friends Chris and Jana's house for dinner. They had worked all day prepping oodles of pizza making ingredients including killer sauce. We set up an assembly line of sorts in the kitchen and just made pizza after pizza. Rudy came with us and he ran amok with his buddy Chico while us humans carried on with mushrooms and mozzarella. Chris and Jana had bought 15 pounds of tomatoes at the farmer's market on Saturday so we ate a load of toms.

I brought a fudge cake with fresh raspberries for dessert. Along with the fact that Billy had requested to borrow a cast of a human skull from Chris it made for an interesting visual on the table. It's very "cake or death?" a la Eddie Izzard don't you think?

The night carried on with rubber eyeballs and dog wrestling until we were all pretty much falling asleep at the table and so we decided to head home.

In other news.... we are towing the Airstream up to Taos this coming weekend. We are going to hang out in town a bit and then do the loop through Eagle Nest and Red River. I. Can't. Wait. It will be a really quick trip but still.... it's been too long since we had the peanut out on an adventure. I am apprehensive about our campground choices in and around Taos. I will let you know how it turns out. They all look pretty heavy on the crappy scale to me from what I am gleaning off campground review sites. We shall seeeeeee!

I am off to work to churn the chocolate and dip the caramels. Have a lovely Monday peeps! Cheers!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Ah--homemade pizza! I am jealous. The only pizza I like (besides pizza in NYC) is Andy's homemade. But he hasn't made it since our grocery store stopped carrying the weird little Amish brand pizza dough mixes, which we loved. Got a good thin crust dought recipe to share?

Love that pic of Rudy and Chico duking it out. I hope your weekend trip is beautiful and fun, with decent campgrounds!

Bethany said...

Karen... I will ask Billy to jot down his thin recipe and I will send it to ya. He makes a pretty good one!