Monday, October 05, 2009

Aspen Vista

I have been in a panic the past week or so to get up in to the mountains so as not to miss the aspens in full color. It does not last long once it gets rolling... it's just a short window of time for peak color. It is one of my absolute favorite landscape visuals anywhere in America. I love it. Let me show you why...

Sigghhhhhhh. Purty ain't it? Yesterday we packed Rudy into the truck and drove his most dreaded car ride up into the ski basin area of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains that back Santa Fe. It's a twisty turny road and as most of you may know... he gets wicked car sick. We made it up there puke free to the Big Tesuque trailhead that meets up with the Aspen Vista trail. We spent a few hours wandering through the woods along the edge of the creek and let the gorgeous trees and electric blue sky sooth our souls.

It was a gorgeous day. Rudy had a blast and since I have been cooped up indoors 4 or 5 days a week at the chocolate shop for the past three months (still not used to that) I felt like I was dreaming.

I found a perfectly shaped aspen to take a little break in the sun on ....

Until Rudy jumped right up on my gut and stuck his wet nose in my ear.

There are already so many leaves on the ground... the color will be gone in another week or two. Hopefully we will get back out to see it one more time before winter in the higher elevations starts to settle in.


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Oh, thank you for this! I haven't seen autumn mountain scenes like these in real life in 20 years. I love those changing aspens.

Shayna said...

Lovely pictures of the vista! I miss the aspens!

csmilow said...

Candice Smilow/photo editor, Guideposts magazine.
Can you pleas let me know if you have the image of you with the dog lying on the truck of the tree in a higher resolution for possible use in a story on Aspen Vista Trail. I would need a reply quickly. Thank you.
Candice Smilow