Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Autumn Magic

Well... I just had to pop back on here and post a few more pics of Santa Fe in full fall color. It is so pretty right now and the weather is just amazing. It has been in the 70's during the day and then hitting the mid 40's at night. Heck yeah people! I can live with that!

We live about a block off of the Santa Fe River.... it is dry as a bone now but that just converts it into a great walking path to get in and out of town on for us. Right now the whole thing is lined with aspens and other bright yellow foliage. It's gorgeous.

We walked downtown this afternoon to hit the plaza for some people watching, grabbed a hot chocolate and then meandered back home. Rudy loves going downtown. He also loves people watching. He's a pro.

It's late as I write this but I just took an apple spice cake out of the oven. It's a recipe out of an old Food and Wine magazine. HERE is the recipe for anyone interested. It's a mean good cake. I would post a picture except for the fact that about a third of my cake stayed stuck to the inside of my bundt pan when I tried to flip it out. Bastard! I hate when that happens. So yeah... we are about to pig out on cake with almost a full pound of butter in it at 10:30 at night. It's always nice to go to bed feeling like you have a lead brick in your stomach.

Hope y'all are enjoying the fall weather wherever you are. Winter will be here all too soon so get out there are soak it up while you still can!

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alexkeller said...

love that last shot of Rudy! (and your banner gave me a giggle)
i was in Santa Fe years ago - need to get back! enjoy it for me - it's still hot as heck in Tucson