Saturday, January 31, 2009

Over the River and Through the Blizzard

A few of you may be wondering why we decided to drive through this.....

Why did we drive over 2,000 miles in January... in bad weather? Driving through ditches and risking it all eating Super Bean Burritos from Taco John's in Ogallala, NE? Well, let me give you an idea about what spurred us on. Take a gander at this...

See those two chics? That is my Mom and my Gram. Please note the double leopard print action. If you have ever wondered where I get "it" from.... I think this picture may begin to answer that question.

It had been almost a year and a half since we had been here to see my family. We decided to surprise my Gram. We did not tell her we were coming. Last night my Mom and I drove over to her apartment so I could jump out all "TAH DAHHHH!" As we were rounding the corner of the hall where her apartment is we ran headlong into her coming the other way down the hall toward us. So she ended up surprising us just as much as we were trying to get her. It was a goofy moment of hit and run happiness. When my Gram is excited and/or happy she tends to beat on you with balled up fists. So I got a pretty good ass whipping out in the hallway before we headed back to her room. I think this photo captures our emotional states on seeing each other again pretty well...

Let me just tell you that Alberta Biehl is one heck of a hot ticket. I am looking forward to stirring up some trouble with her over the next few weeks while we are here.

We are staying at my Mom's and she has been spoiling us with good eats since we arrived. After 6 days of gas station snacks and crappy fast food on the road it has been MUCH welcomed. We woke the first morning to parfait and fresh blueberry muffins. Tonight we had pizza with a made from scratch crust and piled high with veggies.

Rudy was beyond glad to be out of the truck and off the highway. We have been having a bit of a struggle with him being a puss about the cold here. He does not want to go out walking. We get to the end of the driveway and he stops and starts holding his paws up as though they are injured and giving the sad puppy face. I bought him some "dog booties" to protect his feet from the ice and cold but he won't have any of it. He lets me put them on his feet and then he hops around like a panicky rabbit with no equilibrium. He will either have to toughen up quick or master the use of the humans' toilet. I will let you know which choice he makes.


Monica said...

Hey sweetie pie! It's your cousin here. Paul and I ran into your folks at Texas Roadhouse a year ago (or maybe two...I'm getting old) and your mom gave me your card and told me to check out your blog. So as it does to do most thing, it took me forever but here I am. I lost your card and had to Google you (how's it feel to be Googled??). Then come to find out you're in town! I must have been feelin' your vibes. I just saw your gram Fri. and that got me thinkin' about you. While you're in town, go see my mom's new's right up your alley (I'm sure you've already heard about it too!). Give your mom a hug for me and tell her her muffin, parfait, and pizza look pretty dang good! Love ya!

jani said...

Hi Bethany,
Nothing like mom's home cooking! So happy to see you with your mom & gram...speaking for one of those moms, I love whenever I get to see my kids, it's the best! I'm sure you made them very happy!
enjoy yourselves!

Anonymous said...


Food looks utterly divine. And you know what? I actually miss that sort of snow blowing across the road. I am originally from Canada but now live in switzerland which is actually south. There is snow but mainly up on high in the mountains.

Then the feeling goes away. Hee hee.