Monday, February 09, 2009

Eatin' and Drinkin'

What do we do when we come to visit my family in Illinois? We eat. We eat and eat. It's winter and we are Midwesterners and we like food. This past week has been laden with good eats such as my homemade garlic hummus, tofu blintzes, grilled chili lime salmon, fresh hand made salsa with from scratch refried beans, veggie curry, felafel's etc., etc.

On the night we had felafel Billy made his famous Green Lantern drinks. They are made with Tanqueray, parsley and lime juice and they are really freakin' good. They are also amazing to gaze upon and live up to their name....

Billy and my Dad have been hittin' the bottle on a nightly basis since my Dad is off work for a week. They have been drinking Manhattans (yuck), martinis and mojitos. It's pretty ridiculous... especially if you know Billy and his inability to drink. Last night my Mom busted out with a bottle of riesling that looked like a baseball bat to drink with the grilled salmon they made. I had some with my faux chicken fixin's (I don't eat fish) and it was darned tasty. My Mom will skin me alive when she see's that I am posting this pic but deal with it sister... It's funny. Please note the knowing look on Rose Orbison's face... it's all about the wine baby.

Through this whole week Rudy has been trying to hypnotize us with his Houdini meets Spock mind meld stare to get table scraps. He has been wildly unsuccessful.

Tonight we had my Gram over and ordered take away Indian food. Even though it was pretty seriously spicy she tore it up. You have to admit it is a feat for a southern babe in her 80's to be peeling out on some spicy Indian fare. She is fierce.

I made a bittersweet chocolate pear cake for dessert. I know that sounds like it has nothing to do with Indian food but I wanted to make it so I did. I got the recipe (as usual) off Smitten Kitchen. It was quite good, not too sweet. It's made with a brown butter cake batter. Nothin' wrong with that.

Billy and I are going to Chicago on Tuesday. I will be sure to take loads of pics in the city. Rudy is staying home with his Grandma Rose so there should be some stories to be told at the end of that day.

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