Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boiled Belly Bomb

What do you get when you bake a "cake" out of boiled clementine oranges, ground almonds and lots and lots of eggs? You get a belly ache that is unrivaled by any belly ache you have ever known before. Some of you may be thinking.... "Why yes... because what kind of an idiot would make such a cake? Surely such a nincompoop deserves a belly ache!! Who thought up this silly baked good anyway?"

People. I suffer. And therefore I can't elaborate much more than to say I thought it all seemed like a good idea. An adventure in the world of cooking! You know... I thought I would make something really different. So I made the boiled oranges cake. I got the recipe off one of my very favorite and trusted cooking blogs. In her photo it looked quite appealing! And I will say that it may just be my freakish digestive system at fault here and not the boiled cake's fault at all. Or maybe we are really not supposed to eat whole boiled and then baked oranges peel and all? Whatever. Just consider yourselves warned. This cake is dangerous to those who have low tolerance for rich, off beat food items. It may be days before I can stand up straight or before my face does not feature a pained grimace brought on by my belly ache. Billy seems to be fine (of course) but then he has guts of steel. He regularly eats rusty nails and spoiled milk for breakfast with no dramatic results.

What else? Hmmm. Not much. We are visiting with Billy's Dad, girlfriend and little sisters this weekend but most all of them are sporting a bad cold so I am hiding out in the trailer and not being very social. Tomorrow is our appointment at the Airstream dealership in Manteca so we shall see what that brings about.

I have a few photos from our day in Carmel this past week. We drove out to the coast to look at a site we may rent on private land for the trailer to nest on. It was a fabulously gorgeous day so we sat out on the beach for hours soaking up the sun and letting Rudy play with other dogs.

Here is yet another shot of Rudy's dazzling pearly whites. And disgusting sandy beard.

And my favorite action shot of the day playing leaping deer games with another bigger doggie dude.

Finally... a reflective moment. It's always so much better to thoughtfully gaze out over the ocean with an impossibly huge tennis ball crammed into your mouth.

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