Sunday, January 11, 2009

Best Latte of my Life

People... I have news for you. The best latte in the USA can be found at Toby's Coffee Bar in Point Reyes. I don't know what their secret is... if it is in the beans themselves or the technique or what but DAMMIT they make a fabulous latte. It could be that they use freshly roasted organic beans or that the milk is from a local organic farm or that they are magical elves from the land of eternal happiness. I could not wait to drive in to town this morning to get one. And if you ever find yourself in Point Reyes and want to get get one for yourself let me say this. You will wait in line. For a long time. There will come a moment (or several individual moments) when you will think to yourself "I can't wait in this line any longer. Why is this line taking so long?" And you will think about walking away. BUT DON'T!!! Stay and wait for your best latte ever. Stay and wait and watch the weird little woman dressed in an expensive but ugly, artsy, hand dyed, shaggy fiber jacket in line in front of you grouchily order an impossibly annoying item from the barista and wonder how you turn into a person like that...a person who stands there coughing and hacking without covering their mouth and then does not leave the barista a tip??? This is why the line takes a long time. Because there are lots of " I want a sugar free soy chai latte with the tiniest amount of foam and hand grated cinnamon and nutmeg, and while you are at it can you get me a half decaf, half regular americano?" type orders. Oh well. These are the moments when I thrill in being the next person in line who says "I'll take a large latte." Clean and simple. Have I talked (bitched) enough about this particular subject yet? Yes. Let's move on.

Yesterday we did our long walk on the Bolinas Ridge Trail which turned out to be not as long as we wanted it to be. We got a late start. By late I mean like one o'clock. So we only did a 6 mile round trip walk. I wanted to do something more like ten miles. It will have to wait for the next time we are here. We have had a few gorgeous days in a row hitting the mid 60's with full sun so it was a perfect day to be out walking. Here's a few pics from the trail... this whole portion of the BRT is through ranch land.

When we got back from the walk we went into town and ate at the Reyes Cafe which was really good food. We had a salad with the locally made Point Reyes Blue cheese and wood fired pizza that was awesome. We left stuffed. But not too stuffed to stop off at the grocery and grab some Three Twins Organic Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream to go with the homemade apple crisp we had waiting back in the trailer. We walked 6 miles right? What the Hell.

I am so in love with this tiny little town. I think I have mentioned that like 64 times. I grabbed a few random shots so you can get the feel of it.... the first shot is actually here at the campground, a cool old truck parked next to our site.

I also have to rave about the Bovine Bakery which is another place you have to try if ever in Point Reyes. I borrowed this image from Hanson Q's reviews page on

Armed with my perfect latte and a pain d'amande from the Bovine I was in foodie heaven.

We are leaving tomorrow morning. I am so looking forward to the next time we can make it out here.

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