Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Longest Birthday in the West

Any of you who happen to know my Mother will not be surprised to find out that we started celebrating my birthday today. My birthday is still eleven days away... but to Hell with that nonsense... we started it up today. 36 years ago I was eleven days away from breaking on to the scene. That is reason to celebrate. I am all for this plan at this moment in my life because it stands in sparkling contrast to the steaming heap of yard sale crap that I stand in here in this house. Allow me to illustrate...

Now... what would you rather deal with... that which you see above? Or this....

Ahhhh yes, I think we all agree the cake is much more fun! And for those of you not in the know "Binky" is my street name. The name I sell crack under. You should always have your crack sellin' name inscribed on cakes. It lends an element of danger to the occasion.

I received my first birthday gift today as well. A pair of Salomon Techamphibean shoes. Right on! These will be great for California. They can go right in to the river or ocean and dry out really quickly... and unlike my Keen sandals they will not forever be allowing rocks to get in under my feet.

Rudy realized early on that none of this had much to do with him. He is quite selfish and moody. He gets terribly upset and depressed when it is anyone else's party but his own. He pouted for hours.

He will have to get over it. He did perk up long enough to pose with me for a photo illustrating the fact that although I will indeed be turning 36... in dog years I am only 12. Rudy and I both are hoping I get a shiny new pony as one of my gifts.

So I will do my best to keep you all updated as to the events and hijinx associated with my longest birthday ever. My Mother has promised thrilling possibilities on each and every day up until the 3rd.

Two days left until yard sale mayhem breaks loose. I have my brass knuckles ready. Wish us luck. If you are in the hood stop by and have some cake.

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Momo said...

Everyone should know that secretly Bethany is actually only 12. She has just been pretending with all of you for all of this time. It's very much like that movie "Almost Famous" where that kid pretends to be a reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine.
Because she is secretly 12 it is important that we have 12 days of gifts and lots of sweets and most probably a pretty pony by the end of it all.
Yes......a 12 year old crack seller with a depressed dog.
Plenty to celebrate as far as I am concerned.