Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekend Stuff and Photos

Happy belated fourth to those of you in the states. We had a pretty low key day... we just wandered around downtown people watching for the most part. There are a lot of great street musicians around this time of the year in Santa Fe. One of the best we have seen lately was on the 4th stationed out in front of the Starbucks on San Francisco St. He is a local guy who also plays at the farmer's market on Saturdays sometimes. On this particular day he had teamed up with an acoustic guitar player and a little gypsy dancin' girl. They were great fun to watch.

We went up to Fort Marcy Park to watch the fireworks. It's not at all close to where they shoot them off from but you get a panoramic view of the entire city so you can see them from above and you see any that people are shooting off for miles around.

Before the sun set we got some nice shots of the beautiful cloudscapes rolling in from the north.

I love this shot... it's a group of people up on the hillside above us and just below a massive storm cloud that was blowing in at sundown.

So we watched the lights come on down in the city and beyond that were the fireworks. Here are a few of our best shots. Billy took all of these as I was sitting down with Rudy and chatting with a vacationer named Annette whom we invited to sit with us because she was flying solo for the night and is from near my home town. This first one is just a view of Santa Fe from our vantage point at the park.

And these last few are looking out to the West of town. The moon was rising and made for these nice shots...

So we have just over three weeks to go here. My yard sale will be on the weekend of the 26th and 27th and after that is over with with can peel out as soon as we have the trailer loaded up. I am planning on trying to contact the ranger in Big Sur over this next week to see if our campground is still there. Hopefully we still have that gig lined up for the end of September.


edson_dias said...

your pictures are amazing.

David said...

As of today, the 7th, the fires in Big Sur are only 11% contained. Global warming and lightning strikes suck to the people in Sur right now. Good luck sweetie! I have a painter friend of Oz's who actually got famous painting forest fires. He's getting 25k to 40k now in the NYC market. He's moved on from fires, but still doing well. Droll thought, huh?

Bethany said...

Thank you Edson!

Hey D... Thanks for the Sur support. I am sure that we are still going there... it is just a matter of if we will be playing the same role within a state park or if we will have to find an alternative. And funny that you should mention the fire painter... Billy actually has a piece for sale right now that he completed yesterday of a firescape on Big Sur. I have no idea if there will be interest in it but he felt inspired to paint it so we shall see.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!
BTW The musician in the photos is Eagle, His son Hickory is the acoustic guitar player and the dancing girl is Hickory's daughter Zia. These are really wonderful pictures of them all!


Bethany said...

They were a real treat to watch! I hope we see them again before we leave the city. Zia is a doll.