Saturday, August 02, 2008

Can You Smell My Brain Frying?

So... a lot has happened since I last wrote. We had our yard sale which was absolutely pointless. It rained. No one came. I ended up bringing a crap load of stuff to the Hospice Thrift. People... having a bunch of stuff is way, way over rated. Stuff kills you softly. Slowly. It sucks the life out of you and eats you up like a 7 year old eats a delicious bowl of sugary fruit loops. Let me put a disclaimer on this entire post at this point as there are certain factors which may be affecting my ability to reason. We are in a camp ground in Monument Valley, Utah and it is precisely 179 degrees outside.... or somewhere around that give or take 70 degrees... but who can tell once you top 105??? So, even with the AC cranked inside the trailer it is about 150 degrees in here. Therefore I may talk crazy smack throughout this entire post due to the fact that my brains resemble over cooked sloppy joe mix.

Anyway... we got rid of stuff. Now... I will admit (I have to admit) that we still have TOO MUCH STUFF. The truck is loaded to the gills and the trailer is pretty cramped with random bags and bins filled with an array of confused items. We plan to work on chipping away at this as we go along. Although I did just add a huge bag of new vintage finds in Farmington. Let me just do a shout out to the thrift stores, antique shops and such of Farmington, New Mexico. I love you. I bought myself an absolutely fabulous 1940's navy blue rayon dress that is straight out of a film noir flick for $35. Because you know I need things like this in my camping wardrobe.

We survived a meal of bean tacos that tasted like cheap canned dog food in Aztec and made ourselves sick eating some sort of concoction that tasted exactly like a Robitussin Cherry Cough Syrup Milkshake at the Bloomfield Dairy Queen. Road food can really be an edgy experience.

I have lost track of my point and what I intended to say here... so, yeah... we left Santa Fe. We drove to Farmington where we stayed for two days and today we drove on into Death Valley... I mean Monument Valley, UT. If we don't all die of heat stroke here our next stop is Kanab and then Zion.

Here is a pic of Rudy and I on our last night in Santa Fe. Also some sunset pics from that same night...

This next one is looking South toward Albuquerque...

And this is a shot as we were driving north west to Farmington of a huge cloudscape out over pueblo lands.

Tomorrow is my birthday. So not only am I having the longest birthday in the west (which has been quite exciting and successful by the way) I will also now be celebrating the hottest birthday of my life. I like my birthdays long and hot and in the middle of nowhere.

Another problem we are having is trying to figure out if we are in Arizona or in Utah and what the Hell time it is?? We had the same problem the last time we stayed here and never did figure it out. It's not that it really matters one way or another... but it sort of gets to ya to have no idea. What time is it? I don't know... it could be 6:30 or it could be 7:30. It could be Utah. Or it could be Arizona. Or maybe it's both. Maybe it's neither. Maybe it's time for me to end this nonsense and go chug another Gatorade. Yes. That is what time it is. It's time to lay in bed and drink a sports beverage. So I will check in tomorrow with the weather report and to let you know exactly how we celebrate my birthday. Adios.

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Missy B said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sure your entire birthday event has been quite exciting...Eat cake!