Friday, August 17, 2007

Pisgah Wilderness and Break Dancing

Today we hopped back over The Connecticut River into New Hampshire to spend the day exploring Pisgah State Park which is NH's largest park at 13,500 acres of wilderness. It is an amazingly beautiful area. We started out in The Horseshoe Road Trail area but about 2 miles in we came on fresh bears tracks and scat on the trail. Rudy was highly tweaked out growling and sniffing around so we decided it was best to not agitate the bear with the presence of a dog (or humans) so we turned back and went instead to The Kilburn Pond trail which is more traveled by people and dogs.

We found a bog at the edge of a small pond which was supporting a huge population of carnivorous pitcher plants. It was really, really cool to see.

Here is an interesting black and white view.... click on the pic to see it larger and you will see really nice detail.

We stopped off at the edge of Kilburn Pond (which looked more like a lake to me) and hung out long enough for someone to get nice and grubby...

And then we hiked out and drove back into Brattleboro to get an iced coffee and people watch. As far as people watching goes we were not disappointed.

Talk about keepin' it real. We watched this guy walk up and he pulled out his boom box and proceeded to fill it with fresh batteries. He very carefully arranged the red t shirt which apparently had been brought along just to outfit the box. He then began to bust a move as you can see. It was the right way to cap off the day somehow. I was tired and brain dead so a Brattleboro break dancer really fit the bill. Electric Boogaloo.

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Michelle said...

You need to know that the "dirty Rudy" photo is one of my favorites. He looks like he had a serious good time jumping in puddles.