Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Food. More fashion. More Tomatoes.

I am making a real effort to take more pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. For you. I do it all for you. Because pictures are fun. Writing in incomplete sentences is also fun. I. Can. Do it. If I want to. I like to keep you all happy and coming back for more and pictures seems to be the way to do it. Especially pictures of me looking stupid. I plan to deliver.

So... today we drove out on the hottest day of the century to Ithaca. It was so hot that Rudy puked in the truck. I nearly puked too... but somehow I managed to hold it together. I have more years of not ending up puking under my belt than he does... so I can understand and forgive him for his puking. It's that hot out. Disgusting. Anyway, Ithaca is about a 50 minute drive from where we are camped but we really wanted to check it out and eat at Moosewood Restaurant. We started out in town at yet another fabulous farmer's market. This one is huge and is housed inside a big long outdoorsy wooden structure (how's that for technical, architectural lingo?) I bought MORE heirloom tomatoes (I'm addicted,) antique heirloom apples, a crapload of fresh basil and another round of fresh sweet corn. If our fridge was bigger I would have bought a heck of a lot more than that. We need a walk in.

After market we found Moosewood downtown. They have an outdoor patio and we asked to be sat out there because we had Rudy with. We were the ONLY people on the patio the whole time we were there. On a busy Saturday. Because it's that hot out. We ordered... fresh ginger & lemon iced tea, house salad with their Green Goddess dressing and Caribbean Stew with Jerk Tofu. People... it was soooo good. All of it. I stuffed myself and if I felt like I was gonna puke before... well, now there was true force behind the feeling. But why stop there? We ordered a dessert of roasted plum and peach cobbler and it was one of the best desserts I have had in my life.
No foolin'. I give Moosewood an enthusiastically sweaty, sick thumbs up. I had a great meal in spite of the humidity which made it feel like I was swimming around in a big pot of warm buttermilk. Our waitress was super fine and sent us off with free Moosewood pens, a fridge magnet and a bumper sticker. Thanks Miss!

On the way back to camp we found a little church thrift store where I bought a garbage bag full of rug yarn for $4. It thrills me to the bone to be able to tell you that. I have a garbage bag full of rug yarn. Because we have plenty of room for such things in the trailer. I will let you know what brilliant results I achieve with my rug yarn when the time comes. Any projects with the rug yarn are on hold until I finish Rudy's crochet dog sweater. Uh-huh.

For dinner tonight we sliced up one of my favorite new tomatoes and made tempeh BLT's. We used garlic hummus, mayo, basil, cucumber, spinach, tempeh bacon and the yellow tomato on a peppercorn baguette. Mighty tasty. Allow me to share with you how fabulous I looked while cooking up the bacon. And while eating it as well.

Since I am forced to sit outside in the sweltering heat to post this stuff I am gonna end it there. Pray for me that it is less than 90 degrees out here tomorrow and that the guy next door who looks like he is 9 months pregnant with triplets and never wears a shirt finally packs up and goes home.


Momo said...

This whole day of events was so very exciting in so many ways. The tomatoes,the market,the pukin, the rug yarn,the Moosewood lunch, you in that apron.....I am having sensory overload. I am also diggin the Bolivian rainbow pepper plant.....purple/blue peppers.....who knew! I also enjoy the contraband feeling that "cuban oregano" brings.
I have decided that you are the "queen elite" of farmers markets around the globe.

Bill Sharp said...

I really enjoy your humorous writing and photos of your travels with Rudy. Sorry about all the hot weather. It's nice and cool here in the Pacific Northwest.

Bethany said...

Hi Bill! I am happy to report to you that the worst of the hot weather seems to have passed. Now that I have said that it will probably rocket back up to 99 today... but for the moment I am sitting outside content and relatively cool.

We are slowly but surely working our way in your direction. When I say slowly I mean we will land in the Pacific Northwest sometime in the next two years. I am excited to get up there and hang out for as long as we can when the time finally arrives.

Thanks for posting... I am glad you are getting a kick out of the blog. Rudy says "Hello" too...