Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brattleboro Folk

Well. Some dog healing has taken place. If you read my post yesterday you know I was a bit peeved at the state of dog affairs here in our current campground. Walking through this place with Rudy was an intense situation that left me grinding my teeth at the close of the walk. Today however... the tide turned. Allow me to introduce Rudy's new friend Esther...

Go ahead and TRY to tell me you have seen a funnier mug than THAT lately? Esther is a 14 month old Labradoodle. That in itself is a little bit silly. She and Rudy met on the sidewalk and made quick friends. Her owner Gary suggested we take the kids to an area nearby where they could tear the roof off the sucka... so we went and they did... tear the roof off the sucka.

There was a lot of running. Lots of jumping. There was more pink tongue than you knew was possible and can you imagine Rudy's joy over wrestling with another dog who has a beard even more substantial than his own? If Rudy could talk I think he would have said... "Man Esther... you really kick ass. You're my favorite bearded lady EVER."

Even though it was their very first date Rudy did not hold back. He exposed his pork and beans belly to Esther... even though she was seemingly not too impressed.

After a while things (dogs) calmed down and we decided at Gary's suggestion to take a walk around town so he could show us a few things. We stopped at the farmer's market which was small but great. I bought a quart of red raspberries and Gary grabbed some grub from the Thai food booth. There were a couple of guys playing music... at the moment this pic was taken they were playing "Puttin' on the Ritz." I have had it stuck in my head all day.

After the market we walked up to see a trail head just past Gary's neighborhood. On the way back we stopped off at (Gary and Esther's friend) Phil's house for home baked dog biscuits. Esther went to the door... Phil emerged dressed very appropriately in a flour covered apron and proceeded to hand out the treats. Top that! Phil's dog Lilly was present too and all dogs involved made out just fine. Here is baker Phil...

We parted ways with Gary and hope to hook up with he and Esther again later this week for another doggie outing. He was a fabulous host (as was Esther a hostess) and we will enjoy our time in Brattleboro much more on the recommendations he gave us for stuff to do and see. There are good people in Vermont and thanks to dogs... we met a few cool folks today.

Dogs keep it real people... and so should we.

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Momo said...

What a perfect day.
Esther is beautiful, as are Phil and Gary.
I have decided that Rudy Tootis is a player......breaking hearts along the way of his travels. I am sure that dear Lulu is off far away pining for him still.

Maybe some day there can be one of those bachelor reality shows for dogs. Instead of roses Rudy can give out biscuits....baked by Phil of course!
I'm pretty sure Esther would make the final cut!
She's a winner