Friday, June 19, 2009

Garlic and Plums

This is not a post about some fabulous dinner we made... or are going to be making. It's me immersed in natural remedies for sore throats. I am kickin' a fierce one right now... one of those where it feels like someone has wedged a couple of hot coals coated in broken glass at the back of your throat. Awesome. So last night I began my bizarre rituals in battle against the sick monster.

1. Chop up 4 cloves of raw garlic into a jar, cover it with honey and let it sit overnight. Take the honey with a teaspoon in the a.m. The garlic has anti-bacterial properties and the honey is soothing.

2. Gargle with very warm water infused with cayenne pepper. The pepper has anaesthetic properties and brings relief from the pain.

3. Slowly eat an umeboshi plum. These are Japanese pickled plums and they are highly regarded as having a wealth of health benefits including being antibacterial. Be warned... they are the saltiest little buggers on the planet.

4. Drink Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea til your are blind.

5. Also drink a hot tea made from water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, honey and a dash of cayenne pepper til you really can't even believe it anymore.

6. Try to restrain the feeling of impending doom over the fear that you may have the same thing you had last winter in Santa Fe that nearly killed you.

Today I have big plans to lay down. For hours. Yesterday was spent cleaning the inside of the Airstream so it actually feels pretty decent in here right now. We even cleaned out Rudy's Den of Iniquity under the table... much to his confusion and dismay.

So everyone please say a little voodoo juju for my hell fire and brimstone throat condition.... and hopefully I will be back in the saddle again in no time. Have a groovy weekend y'all.

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Momo said...

Be gone vile spirit!
By order of Momo